Canton Wild Vietnamese Cinnamon In Pictures

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Our gorgeous seasonal winter blend of black tea and cinnamon is harvested from wild trees growing side by side in the mountain forests of Vietnam.

Canton Wild Vietnamese Cinnamon

The immense primaeval forests of Yen Bai in North Vietnam, just below the province of Yunnan, China: the birthplace of tea, are the home of ancient tea trees and the most aromatic wild cinnamon.

Once the minority H'Mong and Dao tribes of the region relied on the illegal cultivation of opium poppies for income. However, at the end of the Vietnam War, the late Jaan Brand set up the Van Chan Organic Farmers Club to enable the tribal people here to make a living through sustainable wild harvesting of existing tea and spices.

Unlike traditionally cultivated tea gardens, where the 'picking table' is reduced to comfortable waist height, the ancient trees harvested for this tea are left wild and can reach heights of up to 26ft, so pickers scale the trees with ladders and baskets on their backs to harvest the leaves. Processing of the leaves is done by hand using traditional methods in a small, rustic tea factory, without electricity. Harvesting the wild tea in this sustainable way, rather than cultivating it, naturally contributes to the healthy biodiversity of the forests.

The production of tea and spices has allowed the once marginalised villages to build trade links, develop homes and schools and install electricity. 

This is a unique tea to introduce to your menu. Full of flavour, smooth, cinnamon-sweet and aromatic with a beautiful story.

Canton Wild Vietnamese Cinnamon is available in 500g foodservice packs and in 50g retail cubes.


Wild Vietnamese Tea Pickers

H'mong pickers harvesting the sweetest leaves from the tops of the ancient tea trees.

Tea pickers

High up in the tree canopy.


Traditional hand-rolling.

 Vietnamese Tea Pickers

A healthy, sustainable future for the forest and the generations to come.

 Vietnamese Tea Pickers

Traditional H'Mong embroidery hanging in the village.


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Canton Wild Vietnamese Cinnamon In Pictures

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