Next Generation Water Boilers

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Canton is proud to distribute Marco Beverage Systems award-winning water delivery and brewing systems.

Next Generation Water Boilers


We offer the world's best teas, extensive professional tea training and now we are extremely pleased to announce that we are partnering with Marco Beverage Systems to distribute their world-class water delivery and brewing systems to ensure our wholesale tea partners have all the tools they need to deliver the very best cup of speciality tea to their customers.


MIX & MIX Font

MIX is our hero product and an essential piece of kit for speciality tea service in a busy HORECA environment; making it easy to brew green, oolongs and white teas at the correct temperature. An innovation in water boilers: three temperatures, three volumes on demand. Vacuum insulated tank allows for up to 70% more energy-efficiency than competitors. Available in 2 sizes and in under-counter or counter top formats. Add the sleek, stylish 3 button MIX font which is ideal for saving space, streamlining workflow and face-to-face customer interaction.


Next Generation Water Boilers

Pictured: Marco MIX 3 Button Font 



FRIIA is the latest innovation from Marco, dispensing hot, cold and sparkling water, ideal for speciality coffee shops wanting to offer on-trend, healthy cold and sparkling tea drinks made in house as well as hot drinks. FRIIA contains an under-counter boiler and chiller and sleek countertop font. The boiler uses using vacuum insulated technology to maintain hot water and the chiller uses aluminium block technology for cold and sparkling water. The elegant countertop font takes up minimal counter-space, features stylish and modern LED lighting and has a premium, brushed metal finish.


Water Boilers

Pictured: FRIIA 3 Button Font


If you want to find out more about our equipment offering. Contact us now.

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