'Canton delivered concise, engaging, relevant and inspiring training to all of our staff.'- Adam Kirkaldy Learning & Development Manager Corbin and King


Tea training


There is far more to your tea service than just buying good tea

At Canton we seek out the best artisan teas, and buy them fresh each season direct from small gardens. They have been slow grown, skillfully picked and lovingly handcrafted. And then we hand these tender young buds and leaves over to you, our partners – and we worry about how they will be treated . . .

Jennifer Wood Founder and Director, Canton.



Teach is Canton's training programme. Our vision is to ensure that everyone who serves, brews or talks about our tea has the expertise, enthusiasm and confidence to do it well. We want to help make our tea safe in your hands.

Canton delivers training for all our wholesale partners. We work out a programme to suit each account. It may be delivering training on site, or bringing key team members into our training space in Southwark, London. For the seriously dedicated, we will support them through the UK Tea Academy to gain a professional qualification as a Tea Champion - or even Tea Sommelier.


Open Teach training at the Canton tea studio. 

Open to all our trade partners, the afternoon training session provides a great introduction to tea for new staff, or a refresher course for the bar and restaurant teams. We want to make sure that everyone who serves, brews or talks about Canton teas has the essential knowledge and expertise to do it well. We want to instil enthusiasm and confidence so our tea is safe in your hands.

Teach is free of charge to all our partners but numbers are limited so you do need to book your place. Get in touch with your account manager or book below.